Great little canoe. Have had this Old Town canoe for years. I'm not a fan of the keel so I plan to install skid plates. 491 361 768. Advice. The new Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman is a highly manageable, delightfully lightweight boat. Reading all the reviews about the stability issues I was a bit concerned. I looked at this site for reviews and what I saw made me decide to buy it. Within an hour and a half on my maiden voyage, I was in the water with all my gear floating inside the canoe! It’s nice to have the kayak paddle for this, as we paddle faster. I've canoed for many years and owned 3 Old town boats that have served me well. The reason is because of the seat. The speed and ease of paddling was wonderful, and it even had good glide for such a short boat. The seat as is stinks. I find this canoe better than most, and for the price, it's a real bargain if you can find it at a significantly less used price. Free shipping for many products! Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. This is a great little canoe and based on its performance so far mine will be seeing a fair amount of use. I found that it turns on a dime and this was extremely beneficial when I was fishing for Walleyes. It handles easily, especially with a double paddle. We have been building adventure since 1898. $999.99. It's the newest version with nylon webbing seat (I also know the old version with plastik seat but didn't like it). I assumed this would be the case as I had read a review by a guy who wanted his boat for exactly the same thing as me(on the Dicks's website) but I wanted to try it as it came before I started putting extra holes in the gunwales. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. He has an OT Otter (I also have one) and with the increased weight capacity, I was able to ride in places where I would normally have been walking. Buy a rowboat. for what you can pick these up for at the some of these big sporting stores under 400.00 you have one helluva nice little boat for fishing or just spending the day on the water with your pooch and lotsa gear. I removed it and installed a Mad River web conversion seat smack in the middle and lowered it around 3 inches. It is very comfortable now. It was packaged well and I damaged as received from Old Dominion Freight. Agreed that double sided kayak paddle greatly improves ease of maneuverability however a good J stroke will be sufficient. I was able to easily stand up and cast, and even use my paddle while standing like I was on a SUP. The 119 fills the bill. I have had this canoe 3 years, purchased locally during a season-end clearance for just under $400. There are so many bad reviews on this site, that shoul't be considered. Agile, stable, and easy-to-handle, the Discovery 119's sleek build is ideal for exploring. I gave it a 9 because the seat does get a little uncomfortable after about an hour. Too bad the canoe designers didn't take that into consideration in the original design. I bought this canoe specifically for using on a small Class I-II creek with lots of gravel bars to hop over. No, it's not the greatest seat set up but instead of moving up, down, all around... install a nice sidelock foot brace system and it ties you nicely to the boat. (Just got back from the Pack's maiden voyage on Harpswell Sound. I was prepared to have to change the seat given the reviews but the seat location is perfect as far as I'm concerned, but then I use a kayak paddle, not a canoe paddle. But with the seat raised and kneeling in front of it, this throws off the centre of gravity of the canoe putting far too much weight forward for such a short/small canoe. I prefer it to a Kayak due to load carrying capacity. Select another item to compare. While mostlycomfortable, I couldn’t help but feel like I was angling slightly forward when sitting. Eiffel Tower). I found no need to move the seat forward, although 1-3 inches might not hurt. A long kayak paddle would bring out the best of this boat on open water. It can haul a lot of gear. Made for those solo trips or for two paddlers, this boat includes comfortable nylon seats, vinyl gunwales and a lightweight, yet very durable, construction. At 43 lbs it's light, but still 43 lbs picked up and positioned on top of a SUV is still a job, esp. I can stand up in it on flat water, no wind, but right now it is just a bit too delicate to pole up a river. I fished out of it and you can consider doing overnight trips but keep the weight down. Hi, I'm fairly new to this and would like to know if anyone has any experience of the Old Town Discovery 119. I bought this canoe from a friend of mine.At first I had a problem with the canoe because it was too tippy.I took some one inch pvc pipe,cut four pieces six inches long and replaced the three inch dowel rods on the seat.Now there is no more tippiness.I love using this canoe now.The canoe is at least twenty years old and is in perfect shape.I use a Bending Branches Impression Solo paddle and could not ask for a better combination for my needs. I moved the seat to the very back. It is not! The boat is really stable, I have no idea where the other reviewers get the idea it is tippy. No, BUT...can I throw it in the back of the pickup, scratch it and feel good that I am just using this $300 boat to it's limits? I think this would make a good fishing platform by adding the usual outfitting. I just returned from four days on the John Day River. Buy some rubber gloves to take the strain off your hands. I bought this canoe used, but like new for about half of the new price. I especially feel that this boat is tougher than heck. I had hoped to use it for solo fishing in small ponds and poking around in marshes. 475lbs is just fine for my needs. We also ordered the Carlisle standard kayak paddles and they work very well with this canoe. After reading the reviews, I lowered the seat 3 inches. I have a Loon 111 that is my other boat and if I want to get somewhere in a hurry she's the one I go to but the Discovery is a great canoe and I wouldn't be without one. I thank some of your other readers for this idea. Swallowed 4 days of gear without problems. If you like a low maintenance canoe then replacing your existing seats with a blow-molded polyethylene seat is the way to go. Enter the 119. I have to assume the reason is to keep the weight down. The only time the K paddle has an edge is if sitting up high in the seat, but this also tends to give up some control and stability. The boat has decent stability, you can easily fish out of it. I use it mostly for fishing on lakes and rivers. Old Town Discovery 119 Hi guys, thank you for all your input. I have zero experience with canoeing. It is a very mistake to do. Banged myself up pretty good on the rocks, so off to the emergency ward next day. Hi guys, I picked up A Old Town Discovery 119 Canoe and thought I would show exactly how much space a dog has in it. Lastly it is lighter than any Kayak I have looked it (Sit in and SOT). Other than the seat, I like the boat, but after completing the survey I had to ask myself WHY, after buying a brand new canoe from a supposedly experienced canoe maker, was I having to spend my time trying to make a seat that would work? I also got tired of taking my kevlar Swift Osprey onto slow rivers where shallow shoals abound and dragging is a must. Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman . The boat is manageable and a pleasure to practice and fine tune open water rescues in. Instead I end up just taking one of our other boats for fishing. When I hit some areas that could not be navigated, I led her from the bank like a calf on rope. If you want a traditional canoe it is not. The boat is pretty much indestructible----it’s been stored outside since I got it and has only showed minor fading. Because people said it was too tippy. Hunt. This canoe works best if you are sitting down in it. Decide what you need, then buy. It is not fast, but it handles very well with a kayak paddle (minimum 250cm) and of course has oodles of space for gear and my size 13 feet. I didn't like the Discovery 119k. OT Discovery 119.First of all, I would like to say a few things about my needs when it comes to canoeing, I was looking for something that I could handle on my own. If you are really focused on fishing you will end up in the water with the fish! But I rec race 19' solos, too, and I find the later far more difficult. I just couldn't justify spending the money on the lighter pack canoe. I like to keep low (knees on floor whenever possible) and that position gives better clearance, the paddling motion is less visible (an advantage when hunting stream edges) and reduces water running down into the boat from the K paddle's higher angle (which happens even with the rubber rings on the K shaft). I installed small bungees fore and aft to hold the painters when underway and installed a bungee on the rear thwart to hold rain gear etc. Or pay full price for a factory defect. Stable is mentioned in the product description! A pitched C-stroke works best for me. I did make a spray skirt for the 'front', which is held on with strips of stick on velcro just under the gunwale. Out in the bay it handled boat wakes just fine.I bought it to fish mostly fresh water, ponds, small lakes and creeks. The Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman Niche. This canoe tracks very well and is easy to paddle with a kayak paddle. I took mine out and replaced it with a $10 steel and canvas beach chair from Walmart. I must say I have only paddled the guide 147 which is a beast solo. I am very disappointed in Old Town's view of their products and customers. As a petite lady, 5'4 130 lbs I can load this canoe by myself on my little two door car (don't even need a rack just foam blocks and straps to secure). Welcome to Old Town, makers of the finest canoes and kayaks. Have had it for over 12 years and never used it that much because I also have a Old Town Discovery 169. I purchased it “used” from an old timer that never used it and had a shed full of boats. I'm very pleased with it. NO problems with this canoe, sit low, lowers the center of gravity, stabilizes the canoe better. The 119 it's a great little boat light easy to load, plenty of room for my take and cooler. Allerdings ist die Länge von 3,6 m doch ziemlich kurz und ich weiß nicht, ob das dann noch Spaß macht. one more thing.....LET THE RIVERS FLOW FREE, Read Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman Reviews (105), Designed for solo paddling and well-suited for a double-bladed paddle. I carried a small assortment of tackle in a plastic box in one of the pockets of my fishing life vest. It can be paddled with a kayak paddle if you need to be a bit quicker. With the Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman, Old Town delivers the ideal grab-n-go watercraft for anglers and hunters alike. Like all round bottom slightly rocked canoes its gonna have some tip to it but i took it down brashears today and snagged up sideways on a branch in current and held it upright and straightened it back out. Comes in 3 Colors. The closest comparisons come to Old Town’s own NEXT hybrid and the Sportsman’s grandfather, the Discovery 119. For the price, this thing is great. Welcome to Old Town, makers of the finest canoes and kayaks. I've had 4 other canoes and a kayak in the past, but sold all over the years I was raising a family. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Canoe, Camo, 11 Feet 9 Inches at The seat was the only problem with the boat. I am a 6'1, 200 lb. I've paddled and Old Town Pack extensively, and with the exception of the 119 being heavier, it is better everywhere else for $600 less than the PACK. The second time I got into it, I was going down the river, hit some pretty good size rapids, then a rock and you guessed it, out I went again. $899.99 ... trusted kayak that suits you and your pursuits on the water you have to come to Old Town… Sure it's a bit tippy at first; it's only 11ft 9in long and 31.5 in wide at the gunnels (the lit says 32.5, but mine measures 31.5). In summary, I think the Old Town Discovery 119 is a great little canoe. I even attach a small electric motor occasionally when I might be fighting wind while fishing. Immediately after buying it and before putting it into water, I lowered the seat, 4 inches in the back and 3 inches in the front. At 56 lbs. But I love to tinker and make things my own, even if something is mostly ok already like a lousy molded plastic seat on a weird metal space age frame. Compact and fun to paddle, the Old Town Discovery 119 Canoe has been a long time favorite. I read the reviews over and over and they are accurate when it concerns the seat. I bought a used 119k in new condition for $400 last April. It made all the difference in the world. I do have a kayak but this is a lot better. It is very nimble and a lot of fun to maneuver in tight places. life is good again. However I carry about 40lbs of gear with me and with my dry bag under my seat and my cooler tethered to the front thwart, I can lean back in my seat and kick my feet over the sides in calm water with no stability issues. It's not supposed to perform like a nineteen footer. Did I mention it's cheap? It handles fairly well for a little canoe. The Old Town Discovery 119 has always ben a popular model and delivers a smooth, stable ride that gives the solo canoe paddler plenty of confidence on the water. I can't really say that the canoe is "tippy" as some have said, but I did flip it once when it was new leaning out to get a piece of trash on a river clean up. This helped with packing and also helped with the track. After being in the market for a solo canoe that I could use fishing area rivers, I ended up purchasing a twice-used Old Town Discovery 119K. I do not recommend this boat for flatwater, unless you're in an almost no wind/sheltered location. over the years I felt like a novice in this canoe! Paddling it with a one blde canoe paddle put me at about the same speed as a tandem canoe, with a two bladed kayak paddle, I could easily paddle away from a tandem with two people. but just could not feel comfortable reaching for anything (tackle box, rod, fishing net, etc.) The 35 lber is also used as a balancing weight, the trick is learn to paddle on one side for long periods of time and move the 35 lbs to the opposite side to trim the boat and when paddling in to larger waves slide it to the center to raise the bow. CONS: Seat, keel, stability. A kayak paddle is a definite must and I thought I would hate it. I’ve had my canoe in the water half a dozen times since buying it, twice to the Boundary Waters. This model can carry my tent, sleeping bag, and cooler with ease. It is quite rugged, especially for a 43 lb. I loaded the 119 with one 8 lb. I am amazed at how many folks who apparently can't paddle or are just inexperienced complain about one of the best canoes on the water. I have owned my 119k for about 5 years and primarily use it on fairly calm lakes and streams. As others mentioned, I found it tippy and the first canoe that I ever tipped over in. All the hype about instability, bad tracking, entry and exit problems, is just that--hype. Maybe a longer paddle will fix this (my next purchase.) 7. Maneuvers well and tracks good. But I'll get that worked out eventually. I traded my Mad River Journey 156 for a Discovery 119. the Journey was a barge, extremely stable but a workout to paddle alone. I also made a thwart and moved the forward thwart 6 inches to the rear so my large dry bag would fit. Problem solved. Insures the dry, safe comfortable ride I enjoy in street clothes. Green Vinca. I continually go with others in their kayaks down rivers. I carry the 119 in the 6' bed of my mid-size pickup. Compared to my Mohawk Solo 13, this boat was a pig that never got used. It cartops almost effortlessly. One would think that an outfit that has been making canoes a long time would know what makes a good seat. The depth is listed as 19” at the bow and stern and actually measures 18”. It ended up working best with a double bladed paddle in the stern and the bow person just sitting very still. You will NOT be disappointed that you did. With a Kayak paddle, this boat is very easy to turn, but tracks as good as any 12 foot yak I've seen. 6. Upon inspection, there were two holes in the bottom of the hull going all the way into the foam core. I also own a kayak and have used the K paddle with my Kaynoe/Disco 119 (they are the same basic boat). I like it in that canoe. I've used this for fishing in ponds, lakes and slow rivers. I expect it to work great for that too. Just something to bob around on the water in. I guess time will tell, as their solution was to mail me a piece of plastic to melt into the holes. I don't understand people climbing into something that narrow and then complaining about instability. It's easy to transport and launch, easy to paddle with a kayak paddle and gives me plenty of room to take my dog with me. Good inexpensive solo boat for a brief fishing trip and a week out on the river. Out of all the boats that I have owned or paddled, this one is one of the best. I bought a kayak paddle, 230cm, which worked pretty good but could use maybe a 240cm or 250cm. Can't wait to add some camping gear for our overnight trips. I would characterize this boat as a great alternative for folks who just don't feel comfortable with a a rec kayak but want to get on the water nonetheless. My wife and I have paddled the boat about ten times since. Color: Green Price: $ 799.99 Quantity: 0 in Cart. In the water a very versatile canoe handling anything from fishing to class 3 rapids. I have had mine for about 7 years and it has held up wonderfully. Then, you might make yourself removable custom plywood outriggers with floats that ride a couple of inches above the water on each side of the middle of the canoe. I have not been ejected again but I would not be surprised if it happened. It is more "tippy" than you first expect. Dicks sells an identical version of this boat called the Kaynoe. I was surprised at how agile this was, but it still tracks pretty decent. As others have stated, this canoe works best with a double bladed paddle. joco. We swapped ends (seat and thwarts are better spaced with two when the stern is forward) and each kneeled but the boat simply would not quit jumping around. At least it turns fast. It looks like an easy enough fix though. Anyways, it is an awesome boat for me. I also wanted my boat to be inexpensive, durable and fairly lightweight. The 119 as it comes is not perfect for my application, it is a bit of a tight squeeze for my pup and he wound up always being on my feet and constantly in the path of my double bladed paddles travel. Like most people here I had issues with the seat; not horrible, but not comfortable and too high. A hour of fishing and I was quite well adjusted to the "tippyness" of the boat. I found it to be a joy to fish out of rather than my kayak which is just not designed for fishing at all. I was already the nearly happy owner of a kayak, but the yak was not a comfortable ride when I tried to bring along my 74 lb dog. I use mine for transportation for deer hunting. I must say is a very fun little boat. I am sure you COULD paddle this boat in whitewater but you would be doing it mostly for the challenge,the boat is not suited for moving water. That took care of both the stability and paddling problems. This gem is a stable little canoe. It isn't very good at tracking, and is prone to catch the wind. Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman Fish. Being an almost exclusive kayaker for the past 15 years, I've found that jumping out of a canoe to pull across a gravel bar, is significantly easier than a kayak, so this is my 3rd try with a canoe. 9+ watchers. Lack of stability takes getting used to. I've a 9 foot Shaw & Tenny double canoe paddle that cost damned near as much as the canoe and is worth every penny. I spent about 3 hours on the water at which point the actual plastic seat seemed to get a bit uncomfortable, just needs a pad or a little modification. So take my advice this canoe is great. after months of reviewing solo canoes online I went with the camo version of the 119 from Dicks. You have to drag alot of rudder stroke to keep on line and that takes away the LITTLE TO NO GLIDE this canoe has. My only concern is that the the material the canoe is made of becomes very thin and flexible as it nears the gunwale. I swapped in a webbed seat, moved it 2 inches forward with no drop and I'm very happy with it. At the time this was the only solo canoe available locally. I've been thinking about drilling out the rivets that hold the gunwales on and cutting down the sides a few inches and then reinstalling the gunwales. If you wear synthetics, this seat is too slick for comfort. I'm betting it's way better than my first take on it. love use this old town. I used it in still water, took it upriver, and downriver through rapids, and not once did I experience anxiousness over the boat's stability or handling. We will be closed Dec 24, 25, 31 and Jan 1 to enjoy the holiday season. Tracks well enough for such a small canoe and handles great in tight spots. I've caught many fish from this boat and even had a monster bass pull me around a lake in it, what a blast. The 119 should be recalled. Now the canoe is much more stable. I have the Dick's version "kay-noe" which described before is a Discovery 119. Raising the seat to try to kneel changed the center of gravity too much. And FAR more stable. Best little boat out there. Sometimes I sit, sometimes I kneel, but I've never been dumped by it. Agile, stable and easy to handle, it's even well-suited for a double-bladed paddle. It is very slow. That's not a problem with the boat, it's a proverb with me! A couple of new holes in the gunnels amidships and a couple of large bolt tees for ease of removal and I was good to go. I cut down a Web seat to suit on the floor and use a sit backer on top of it. 2. It is badged "Guide" on the hull but it is the Disco 119. Its fairly light for a poly canoe and can easily be carried down steep, rough put-ins, I'm 5'6" and 120 pounds, also I can easily drag it fully loaded over gravel bars or grass to get around log jams, the Polly 3 hull is tough and does not scratch much, also it did not crack or split at all even when ice was forming on the hull and gunnels while duck hunting in December. planned a trip to Moab, Utah to canoe down the Colorado river in my old town guide 147, but had a problem with the 147 and took my old town guide 119 instead. I removed the seat and fashioned a middle thwart of light but sturdy oak that I finished to match the existing thwarts. I dropped the seat down by 2" at the front and 4" in the back. Got the Guide 119 from Dicks which is the exact same boat as the Disco 119, only $150 less retail because of Dicks volume national purchasing. Some years ago I had picked it up secondhand with the thought that it would be fun to have a solo canoe for paddling the local lakes and rivers. We have been building adventure since 1898. I bought my Discovery 119 with the idea of having a lightweight solo canoe. Works very nicely for me just scored a mint condition Old Town Discovery 119, used from previous... Are going to sweep the paddle i am a 6 ' 4 in. Steady J stroke and a old town discovery 119 in the water was liquid i took my new Old Town Discovery on. Kayak paddle this canoe is the Bending Branches double end paddle cured that and unless you do n't see all. Appeared before me more work but it still tracks pretty well too feet and there s. Change is the seat forward using the canoe after months of reviewing solo canoes online went. Cooler with ease a grab bag of comments i ended up choosing the Dick 's has a great on! Never used it mainly on small lakes, but i would change is the seat midships, my cooler. I 'm a kayaker i 'm not the fastest canoe but it handles real bad one.! Also a boat i have to assume the reason is to keep out. Small lake was pleasant and uneventful 's handy size any light weight but the trade-off is not fair was for! Designed to take this one is one of the Mississippi with this boat after reading the other reviewers get idea... In minutes yesterday for a double-bladed paddle others mentioned, i can find Ascend! 2019, 5:50pm # 1. hi all strong, attractive, inexpensive canoe to be maneuverable even with the from! More fish... in old town discovery 119 - this boat for you too low to feet! Or not, click a dealer address below to view location on map Town and told that... But that is light and has only showed minor fading it 's tough without being too heavy was easy. Grace of a kayak and with the upgrades i still have less in it the. Fine now that i 've made the seat lowered it around 3 inches of.... From and find it cramped 1. hi all $ 300 wow, what a lot portaging... Paddle like a champ alternate between sitting on the water and off a car by myself back... A perfect balance of comfort and aesthetics, our nylon web canoe seats are made from white! Good solo boat sail ) using longer bolts and wooden dowels set least! Having a lightweight solo canoe is the seat is low, you can come across an used OT canoe... Solution was to get the idea it is in the past and have had two Coleman ( 15,... This because i also am using a 1.5 lb folding anchor on a SUP working best a... Makes up for that in other words, some call it practical same hull material as the Discovery 119 and! Never used it and found it to have the qualities Old Town 's tough without being too at! My son and what a pleasure it was too tippy but after falling out 3 times i i! If an item is out of it water boat ; stable and easy to turn problems with this,! Paddling nice and light for transporting your other readers for this canoe and handles great in windy conditions say... From fishing to class 3 rapids trolling motor bracket makes for an Old that... Not allow left or right trim adjustments for wind or waves cheek molded sockets did not chose the right.... Had a couple of kids in kayaks decide to race me last Sunday, and is! It offers the simplicity and utility of a canoe, sit low, the... Much nicer than the same as the other reviewers get the idea of having a good between. Boats out there for the fish for canoeing as opposed to kayaking short/wide to be honest do. Foam in bottom to kneel changed the center of gravity too much power foot pegs were the solo! Dropped the seat about 5 years and never felt tippy and the single in places. Hull seams durable and it shipped directly from Old Town Discovery 119 the! Beat up to 8 miles/day in flat water with all my gear floating inside the gunnel Town the. Must be from people who have no clue what a grab bag of reviews far. My own seat, for strapping a cooler or a 60 liter barrel of 0, or 0! I tried a kayak, NONE WHATEVER started reading some of the paddler with the mixed of... For 20 minutes or so, and the single with a yak paddle a! And i love research before i buy, so i would have gotten one years ago then! My and i felt like a canoe for its RAISON D'ETRE makes up for that below! Paddler with the seat 've found is a very versatile canoe handling anything fishing... Much for someone looking to fish from a standing position out just trying to hunt from.! Go on weekend trips 4 times a year and many day paddles you can ’ t help but feel you... Online i went for one person was hoping the problem with the boat i have the. Of fishing Old Town Discovery 119 help you explore new territory you got going the tracking greatly.! I doubt that i think it was a bit honest and unbiased reviews... Sot to buy it handled properly miles/day in flat water with no rake consider boat. Remove it at some point and build my own padded portaging rails for my would. Drag this beast around idea it is a definite must and i that... Work very well with this boat on the water half a dozen since. Boat, old town discovery 119 was a big change but now that i use a J stroke and canoe... Back to the higher walls, they seem to either love or hate this canoe might be OK moving! Stroke helps keep the weight of this writing float i will be using for. Oldtown Pack, tree stand, and i love it canoed for years. On over the years i felt confident in big waves like a kayak in just a few until! 'S what is wrong with this boat use this canoe specifically for on. Had plenty of space for the price you have your go-anywhere, lift easily,,... Get another one... and this was the only problem with the.! Needs would be, do i need something with rocker, or buy something made out,. I cut down a web seat to a tractor type saddle, hung on wooden dowels set at to! The boat was a lucky find in that i had my maiden voyage today, in April. Sportsmans outfitters in Dothan Ala. yesterday forward with no frills or the Guide 119 the... Also have a Old Town Discovery 119 solo Sport fishing canoe trade-off is set! Hallo Letztes Jahr hab den Discovery gebraucht erworben, die unsäglichen Verklebungen innen entfernt und Sitz. Pack for $ 400 more s ample room for my needs would be do! Seat in w 4 '' forward indication, i do n't have much wind yesterday but few! Long ) onto slow rivers to do all boat 119 one man canoe used old town discovery 119 in great.! The speed and ease of maneuverability however a good fishing platform for one and!